Pay-per-click or PPC is an extremely fast-growing area of search engine optimisation. Simply put, search engines, such as Google, allow you to advertise a specific service or product based on your chosen keywords, for a fee each time your advert is clicked. 

PPC allows you to directly target your desired audience by promoting your website based on popular search terms. PPC can be a fantastic way of promoting the launch of a new product or service as it appears on the first results page of your chosen keyword.

Search engines reward SEO good practice on websites by lowering the cost-per-click for each keyword of your chosen campaign. This can allow you to get your chosen advert higher up on the results page for a lower fee. For a small fee, you can bring high-quality leads to your website and get a high return on your investment.

At Verto we have an expert team with a lot experience in the ever-changing SEO environment. They specialise in both organic and PPC campaigns and are able to inform you of the best options for your business.

By working closely with you, Verto can generate a suitable SEO strategy relating to your core values and intended target audience. PPC is a great way to increase appropriate web traffic that will work to any budget.

Aero Healthcare

Aero Healthcare is a renowned global brand in the healthcare, first aid and first response market worldwide. This makes Aero Healthcare premier manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of a range of first aid equipment and medical supplies. With their main...